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MS 206: They have apps for that. Who knew?

Sage thinks she was a selfish ass, but Christa disagrees. They jump back into the state of the nation today with everything going on. And the ladies FINALLY figured out that there is a thing to help their audio issues. For all the listeners who are still with us, we thank you and hope your ears will thank us going forward. Ok it is!

THEY DID IT! They got their sound working! Just in time for the last episodes of the season. Hey, they've told you before: this is what you get! Moving on...is Sage self-important and snotty? What happened 57 years ago and what's changed since then? Do you fill in the blanks? The ladies also discuss calling an end to friendships, life through a Christian lens, and their continuing struggle trying to get their point across without getting too heated. (Good luck with that!)

Sage was wrong again... Still? Last time Sage talked about a case where a mom was put in jail because her kid was in the wrong school district. She thought the mom lied about her address... That's not the real story, she was experiencing homelessness at the time and used her sitter's address. Here is an article to let you know what happened! Sorry for the mistake.

It is the 57-year anniversary of the March on Washington. Christa and Sage think things haven't changed much. Do you agree? Below is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech. It's good to re-read and reflect on where we are as white people (Sage & Christa) and as a nation.

Both Christa and Sage think that they need to speak up about things that are going wrong and about injustice they see. NO MORE SILENCE. They also talked about a school where someone Christa knew seems to be teaching continued close-mindedness... What are your thoughts on their school mission and exclusiveness? (Christa thinks they didn't use the word "Christian" enough.)

Another really hard week for the nation. When this episode was recorded Jacob Blake, who is a black man, was in the news for being shot in the back 7 times by police. He is paralyzed and was handcuffed while in the hospital. Also in the news this week? A 17-year-old white kid who shot and killed two protesters and walked right past police (who earlier thanked him for being there) with a gun hanging by his side. There is a HUGE disconnect and some people still don't get it.

Want to help make change? VOTE and don't forget all things local. YOU can make a difference. Take it from Leslie Knope ;)

Have a wonderful week, people!

Join us next time as we discuss the brilliant W.E.B. DuBois!

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