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MS205 | Did People Throw Candy at You?

Updated: Aug 23

Sage & Christa had a vague idea of when this would air and ended up giving good information that is useless to you for the next couple of years. However, they also bring football updates and Halloween ideas to the table. 2020 is weird, man.

We heard you loud and clear: MORE FOOTBALL! Well, here ya go. If you want to find out what's happened since then (August), we'll stay true to form and update you in a few months. Ha!

Meanwhile, Death Valley recorded the hottest temperature in world history. Christa can't handle much over 79, so... eeeeeuuuulgh.

Halloween has come and gone (how cute is Sage?!) and we really wanna know if anyone threw candy at you. Or did you throw the candy?


We briefly talked about Covid and how some people have lingering effects from it. They're called long-haulers and some of our friends & family are experiencing this. As far as I know, nobody reading this has the money or the prestige to be able to get world-class treatments, so it's important to treat this as the deadly disease it is. This isn't a political statement.

Here is what we know about the long-term effects of the virus, from WHO.

As I write this, the U.S. has over10 million cases with ~243,000 deaths. We've been setting records each day on how many new cases there are (over 100,000).

From Crooked Media:

While we all had our eyes glued to Steve Kornacki, the U.S. reported more than 121,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, shattering the record of more than 100,000 cases set the day before. The country is now averaging 895 coronavirus deaths per day, and that number is also rising rapidly. There has reportedly been no formal White House coronavirus task force meeting since October 20—even while Joe Biden, the guy who is not yet president, has been receiving regular briefings. You didn’t need data to know that Donald Trump’s indifference and lies about the pandemic have harmed the people who listen to him (and everyone around them), but here it is: Across the country, the counties with the worst current coronavirus surges overwhelmingly voted for Trump

Taken 8 November, 2020 at Mess Hall in Los Feliz

Just...you know...use common sense and stay safe and all of that.

And we'll leave you with that. See you next week...it's a heavy one.

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