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MS204 | Bernedoodles: Not a Bird or a Flower

Look, we know you're here for one thing only: the Bernedoodle. And we do not blame you! But we would be remiss if we didn't share our latest minisode first:

Sage receives a jury summons and Christa meets a Bernedoodle. (And who makes Boris Johnson look good?!) Look, if we forgot to tell you something, it's because it's 2020--you get it.

Christa met a 3-month-old Bernedoodle in her neighbourhood and it was love at first sight. We thought it was a St. Bernard/Poodle mix, but it's actually a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix. They're also known as Bernese Mountain Poos, but...no, thank you. Hahaha! She doesn't have pictures of Wally, but here's some information and pictures. Remember to adopt, don't shop!

Sage got a jury summons! Looks as though the moratorium on those has come to an end.

We wondered what the procedure would be, and Christa told Sage about the first virtual criminal jury trial. (If that link is blocked by a paywall for you, try this one instead.) It was really only a matter of time before cats started showing up on juries. They're constantly judging us, anyway.

Sage also talked about her PM2.5 activated carbon filters that she uses in her masks. Here are 11 best face mask filters & what to look for, according to Today:

While Sage was keeping safe and doing her civic duty, Christa got creative! She decided to teach herself to watercolour and started with what she thought would be a nice, easy tutorial but turned out to be...not so nice and easy. She chose this one to start with because she just happened to have the materials (including watercolour pencils) and figured it's as good a place as any to begin her "lessons."

I mean...it's not bad for a very first Art.

If you're feeling creative, how about making a Stick Monster with Christa's niece? (By the way, you can hear Theda at the end of every episode & minisode--a different one for episodes than minisodes. Aaaand there's an Easter Egg at the end of Ep. 103 | Genghis Khan that matches Sage's opening of that episode. Have you caught it yet?)

Speaking of adorable, Sage's hubby went camping with Hawking, who stole his sleeping pad. Guess Brad has to use Hawking's floorbed!

Can you believe there's someone out there who makes Boris Johnson look good?! Boris Johnson! BORIS. JOHNSON. Well, there is--and that someone is right here in the United States. It is what it is, people. And what it is led to some pretty great memes:

Which Jonathan Swan are you today?

Photograph from @SampsaNuotio on Twitter.

Consider all of that your big reminder to VOTE, if you haven't already! You can get information from iwillvote.com or votesaveamerica.com. Vote EARLY--get those ballots in now!

We are eight days away. Lots can be done in those eight days, so how about doing some volunteering? Here are some places we've been donating time and money to:


Vote Save America (link above)

Working Families Party

Swing Left

Vote Forward

You can write letters or postcards, text bank, phone bank, talk/text/call your friends and family, donate money to campaigns in need. (May we suggest this one?) Become a poll worker! TAKE ACTION!

After all your hard work volunteering, we'll treat you to a trip to Savannah--see you next week!

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