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MS 203 | The Dancing Potato: Focus

Sage has a rumbly tummy and Christa can now focus. Most importantly she can now focus on being a dancing potato and showing Sage how to take beauty pictures. Listen for some updates on True Crime and Art Deco as well!

Good news! Christa finally filled her prescription and can now fully concentrate and FOCUS. First she made herself this:

Then she used a beauty app and made all the selfies!

She told Sage how to do it and this is what she came up with (nailed it!)

Well I guess we should give you some content to read... like the update on True Crime Christa talked about! Will True Crime have to be different now? Find out HERE.

And we couldn't find pictures of the historic Art Deco pieces Christa's mom told her about but if you too want to get steaming mad about the panels that were destroyed instead of being moved because it would cost too much, you can read about it in Mary Trump's new book :

You can also read about it in this article.

Now on to a serious question. Have you ever wondered what Sage & Christa REALLY look like when they are recording Applesauce & Horsefeathers? Well wonder no more! Here are some amazing, glamorous, super flattering photos. You're welcome! Now we better sign off and see if we can fix this ;p

Bye bye for now!

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