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MS 202: The Mask

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Well that didn't take long. The women of A&H got political again. They thought they'd have gotten A LOT done with all their free time in quarantine but they have both actually gotten very little done and are less productive. Anyone else feeling that? At least you made it here to catch up on some Applesauce and Horsefeathers, so you get points for that ;)

Sage & Christa are exactly where they thought they'd be and they're taking you with them. Oof. It's okay, you can get your steps in while you listen. Or would you rather sit silently...watching? Adam Goldberg will judge you, though. Probably. (Don't forget Exciting Scenes are at the end of all minisodes!)

While recording this week's minisode Sage & Christa talked about all the protests going on in Portland. Here's some interesting reading if you want to know more about what's going on there!

People are getting gassed, smashed, and plucked off the streets by federal troops. Be safe out there everyone protesting and remember it's your RIGHT to peacefully protest!

Remember when President Obama was ridiculed by Republicans for wearing a tan suit? Well apparently Mitch McConnell wore one to the Oval Office and had no problems from the Republicans. Hypocrisy, once again! Thank goodness for the internet keeping an eye on all the crazy political hype for us and making us laugh about it all.

Oh, hey--also: wear your masks! Or face the wrath of Adam Goldberg.


Now, let's get off politics and on to filming in Los Angeles. More specifically Big Brother! Sage thought she read that the cast and crew for Big Brother would all have to quarantine together and the crew would stay together for the entirety of filming. WRONG! Sage was oh-so-wrong. The crew has to adhere to strict health and safety protocols but they are not isolating together. You can read about how they are doing it all HERE.

Aaaand Love Island USA has started airing since we recorded this minisode. Instead of an island, though, they've created an oasis on the roof of Caesars hotel The Cromwell in Las Vegas! They all had to quarantine for two weeks before coming in and the host and narrator and crew are staying in the hotel. So...probably not too much different from a normal season as far as all that goes. Here's where it's a little different, according to CBS:

"As the health and safety of everyone involved in Love Island is the highest priority, ITV will follow specific health and safety protocols for COVID-19. All Las Vegas staff and crew working on the production and all cast participating will work within quarantined "bubbles" where they will undergo isolation before production begins, be tested prior to beginning work and the cast will be tested prior to their participation.

"They will also all be regularly tested throughout the season, as well as screened daily for symptoms. Crew and staff will be required to wear PPE and work in pods to enhance social distancing. Stringent and ongoing cleaning and disinfecting protocols in filming and production areas will be in place. In addition, a COVID-19 compliance officer will be on staff to monitor and enforce all "health and safety COVID-19 protocols."

Well, It's time for us to get off the computer and go do something productive (hahahahahahahaha)

See you next week in London, Baby!

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