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MS 201 | Floorabelle: What's in a name?

Well, it's official. Christa and Sage aren't turning into football fans anytime soon. But that doesn't mean they didn't have fun researching it! The ladies are recording this episode apart because of Covid, but they continue to crack each other up making faces through their video chat. At least they keep themselves entertained ;)

What do serial killers and football players have in common? We'll let Sage & Christa tell you. But first! One of the ladies went truffle hunting in February, one of them sits "like a lady" and discusses Edwardian It Girls, and they both agree that Los Angeles is doing...not great. Let's all hold hands as we sink into the ocean.

When you move into a house, do you name it? Sage's new house got a new name thanks to Christa. An original thought was Flooradora, named after Florodora, a very popular Edwardian musical comedy in London & on Broadway, famous for its Florodora Girls. Buuuut it reminded Sage too much of Dora the Explorer for some reason.

Sidebar! Evelyn Nesbit was one of the most popular artist/photographer models in NYC and was also a Florodora Girl. She was arguably one of the most recognizable Gibson Girls and was featured in perhaps Gibson's most famous illustration, The Eternal Question, pictured here. Evelyn was a central figure in the Stanford White murder, which became the "trial of the century." Christa highly recommends the book American Eve to learn more about this fascinating woman. We're not saying ol' Stanford -- whose buildings are pretty amazing -- deserved to be murdered, but...he didn't deserve to be living it up on top, either. (That's probably funnier if you knew where he was murdered.) Fun Fact: L.M. Montgomery was inspired by a photograph of Evelyn wearing a crown of chrysanthemums...and wrote Anne of Green Gables.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

So Christa went back to the drawing board (not the floorboard) and came up with Floorabelle. It's a fitting name since there are SO MANY different kinds of flooring in the house for some reason. Downstairs there are 5 different floorings and upstairs there are 4.

Being inside all the time to keep safe from Covid, the ladies can't keep thinking about the pandemic and chatted about antibodies and if they will help if someone gets it. While new information is coming in almost daily there was a BBC article with information on a study that says that the antibodies may only last a few months. As always, wear a mask, wash your hands, and follow those scientists recommendations to say healthy and help keep your community healthy too!

Even Christa's picture knows how to wear a mask!

What are your thoughts on breaking up California into three different states? Both Christa and Sage give that idea two thumbs down. Apparently the California Supreme Court also didn't like the idea and they took the measure off the 2018 ballot. California will stay one state!

It's always a good time to think about Halloween and Halloween costumes. Here are the costumes they mentioned on this episode. Christa has some amazing thought-provoking costumes and Sage is a squirrel. We can't all be a slutty nurse (or we're just too old?).

Could it be possible that Sage forgot to tell Christa she went truffle hunting with her Lagotto in February? Could it be Quarantine Brain? Oh man :( We know for sure that Sage didn't send pictures to Christa, so below are some of the hunt in Northern California. Seems like a lifetime ago!

Sage is completely in love with all of Christa's new plants and now has Maidenhair Fern envy!!

Clover is inspecting all the new plants

It's also fun to play "Where's Waldo?" with Clover & Pangur in the plants! We've helped ;)

We're off, Say goodbye now!

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