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MS 6 | This is what you get (+ Exciting Scenes from Ep.7)

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Christa & Sage sound alike and sometimes can't even tell each other apart. Really. They ponder the difference between strippers vs exotic dancers vs sex workers and hear about Christa's dreams again. Hint- it may be about The Great Comet ;)

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First, and most importantly let's all wish Christa a HAPPPY BIRTHDAY! A beautiful human being and so stinking adorable too :)

Now, we offer some advise. Do you want to play a trivia game? Perhaps join a team for a chance to be a zillionaire? Just a small tip for you if you do. DON'T pick Sage to be on your team. She stinks at trivia. Just sayin'

You're welcome for your trivia tip ;)

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Did you hear? Did you hear?! We have our first ever EXPERT GUESTS on the podcast next week! We are SUPER excited to have professional ghost hunters Luana Kurz and Kevin Wilson join us for our talk about GHOSTS. Tune in and don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast player!

Till then bye-bye!

Cheers, Christa & Sage

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