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Minisode 3 | Choose Your Own Adventure (w/ Exciting Scenes from Ep.4)

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

This week, we're inviting you to help us choose a topic for an upcoming episode! Want to know the six topics we're trying to decide between? Listen or scroll.

First, I know you're dying to know if we figured out who sang "Insane in the Brain." Some of you were probably yelling at your phones, trying to give us the answer. Well, we got it.

Aaaand we feel better now.

Here's the opening and closing themes to Tour of Duty. (This show and The Wonder Years had one of the best soundtracks ever.)

Picture time! Here are some adorable ducklings and Sage at Fiesta in San Antonio. You can see more of Sage and SATX on our Instagram account (hint, hint).

Now you're ready for tortillas, right? (And margaritas!) Well, here ya go:

Ever wanted to know what Delaware? Wonder no more!

And finally--what you've been waiting for! Help us decide on a topic for an upcoming episode! These are the six we're trying to decide between.

*We mentioned a handful of wars and battles, so we'll randomly choose one of those should this topic win.

Where can you vote? Leave a comment with your vote on any of our social media accounts: @AHthePodcast