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MS18: And here we are! Ta-da!

No sparkles, no stars just good old minisode after Ludwig. But wait! We have our imaginations. Listen in and jump on the make believe train, away we go!

Christa makes it possible for Sage to get her sparkles after all and they start planning for more make-believe dates. Sage forbids Christa from moving (you all heard it here, she cannot move!) And they talk about Christa's (not real) relationship with Cillian Murphy again. They have their very own combined name y'all, they really do!

Christa gives Sage a bit of magic and the ladies issue a challenge, but just for funsies. Think you can complete it? Not part of the challenge, but don't forget to listen to the Exciting Scenes from Episode 19: Arcades!

Someone described our Applesauce & Horsefeathers podcast kind of like the "Wikipedia game." Go to their Wiki page to read about the Wiki game ;) Christa wonders if we can make it happen for season 2 of Applesauce & Horsefeathers?! Perhaps... Perhaps.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it... but you should ;)) is to get from 20's slang to arcades with the Wikipedia Game. Let us know if you can, and how many steps it took you! How many degrees of separation from 20's slang to arcades?

Speaking of degrees of separation, Christa and Sage each have two degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Did you know it's also called the Bacon's law?! Bwahahahahahahahaha Did you know that Kevin Bacon started a non-profit based on the popularity of this game? We think that's pretty sweet!

We're moving on to "arcades" next week. And just so you know, we take our research seriously. Here's some proof that we researched our next topic really well (we did not, however include this in our hour of research time.)

Go brush up on those arcade skills so you can join us next week!

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