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MS17: DOT COM! (sing it!) (+Exciting Scenes from Ep. 18)

We just got done with our episode on Disney and Sage is back from her trip to Disneyland! Christa & Sage discuss gross animals who are milked, we find out the ladies don't know their Star Wars ship names. Sage goes Left, Christa goes Right (right to the '40s) and then they do some crossword puzzles. We recorded on Ball Chop Monday! It's a thing ;)

The girls go through another maze, drinking Star Wars bantha milk and solving crosswords along the way. Christa wants to get BEGOTted, Sage is fine with her EGO, and Hawking (the poddog) doesn't have a very good day. With Exciting Scenes from Ep. 18 | Ludwig II.

The green milk in the new Star Wars land is wildly unpopular on posts and blogs, but of course it's Sage's favorite.

Do you ever get songs or jingles stuck in your head? If so Christa suggests singing this:

Sage suggests listening to this (please don't come after her LOL):

And if those two don't float your boat or help watch THIS! The best ever! Really, this time they are serious! Childish Gambino is brilliant.

Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown both came from the TV show Community and the ladies gush over them. Sage can't wait for the new Disney Plus movie Lady and the Tramp!!

They then turn to The Masked Singer (Christa wonders if one of them is Yvette Nicole Brown?!) and they both LOVE the show!

Christa brings up The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer but Sage hasn't seen it. Have you seen the Cary Grant movie? Check out the trailer and let us know what you think :)

Ball Chop Monday, sorry Hawking!!! He's so upset he's hiding, but we can still see his Cone of Shame.

Christa and Sage wonder if there's a stature for an EGOT...nope. But HERE is a list of the EGOT winners :)

Ludwig Von Drake says goodbye to you now. Ta-ta!

Go get yourself the NYT crossword puzzles app and see y'all next week!

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