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MS16: Someone had a craving...for childhood!

You were all fascinated by this minisode, weren't you? The Applesauce & Horsefeathers ladies do love their peanut butter and singing... but not necessarily together. They talk about their love of Disney songs and get into news and education again, they can't help themselves.

Sage satisfies a craving and Christa does her best toddler impression in between Pocahontas updates, news biases, and peanut butter recommendations. They also remind you of all the super cool, totally awesome, and crazy interesting content in their blogs and newsletters. Plus: trailer for Ep. 17 | Disney! (Who has a hidden Mickey WHERE?!)

First, the November playlist is up! Light the fire and pour yourself some scotch.

OK, seriously HOW do you pronounce "GIF?" Is it with a G sound or a J sound? Apparently we're not the only ones who still can't figure it out. HERE to settle the issue is a New York Times article.

Speaking of peanut butter, Sage has decided she needs to switch brands because the kind Christa eats has the most adorable label. Who says marketing doesn't work? Look at that little guy!

"Trump" by Christa Cannon

Switching gears, we just wanted to remind you that Christa has the best words. All her words are the best, even the ones she can't remember. So are her sketches :)

Talk ended up back on the news and news sources. It's inevitable these days. Christa and Sage agree that Lakshmi Singh from NPR has such a wonderful name (and she's an awesome newscaster!). HERE is a bit about her!

Both the ladies used to get the magazine The Week (Sage doesn't have enough time to actually get through the magazine in one week. How pathetic!) It has some really good articles to keep you up to date with the past week's news. The link above gets you to their website but the ladies think the magazine is better.

Christa gets Skimm (a daily email newsletter) but Sage finds it annoying. Well, she hasn't actually revisited it since it first started, but she didn't like it then. Do any of you read it? What are your thoughts?!

And something you've all been waiting for: Christa's Morning Routine! She's mentioned it a few times on the podcast and has decided to share it.

When Christa wishes her personal assistant* a good morning, he:

1) Gives her the day's weather

2) Tells her about her commute

3) Runs through the day's calendar & reminders

4) Gives her the news!

~BBC Minute

~Rivet Daily

~NPR News Now

~Al Jazeera

~AP Radio News Updates


~Bloomberg First World

~Reuters TV (U.S.)

~This Day in History

She gets everything she needs (without commentary) while brushing her teeth, showering, cleaning the litter box, putting on her magic lotions and potions... And no need to watch the news or check the papers later (most of the time).

*Her Google Home Mini. She has him call her Ms. Cannon. Seriously.

If you're not sure about the sources you usually use, check here:

Make sure you stay in the green and yellow(ish?)!

Well, that's it for now. We gotta go, Sage & Christa are going to turn into the mice from Cinderella.

Skimm ya later!

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