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MS14: Adult Fails & Puppy Dog Tails

The ladies came together dressed to the nines, complete with doilies and golden flatware, to talk about how lovely it is to NOT hear Sage eating crackers. Also, the REAL true crime? Hawking not getting treats.

Snap, crackle, pop! All dressed up with no where to go but the kitchen table, the ladies plan their day of meals and drinks in the Valley--all in the space of four doors. Hmm. They really DO talk a lot about food...but they provide updates on True Crime & Cereal and talk a bit about Tobacco, too. So... Polly want a cracker? As always, this minisode includes a trailer for next week's episode!

Sage just adult-ed like a champ, or is it an adult fail? Dinner was a bowl of cereal and a glass of wine. Don't judge. Or do, she doesn't care ;)

Hawking LOVES his Auntie Christa. Like REALLY LOVES her. He goes crazy when she comes over and they play and snuggle. Wuv, twue wuv. But it makes for a very noisy episode, as we heard in True Crime. Here are the two buddies having a snuggle fest after a good play.

Clover wasn't too impressed with all the talk about Hawking, because she thinks it's HER podcast. She gave a good glare and the ladies moved on to other topics. She is the Applesauce & Horsefeathers PodCat after all ;)

Just an FYI, Christa had a great hairdo when we recorded this minisode. I mean GREAT. What do you think? Check out the one curl trying to escape from the top of her head!

In the mood for a book recommendation? Christa just ordered the book they've been talking about Savage Appetites: Four True Stories of Women, Crime, and Obsession and Sage's latest book reads are:

Enough of the book talk, let's get back to what makes the ladies happy. Epicurus Gourmet. Their favorite cheese and gourmet shop. ::drooling:: It's GOOD, it's one of their happy places.

Other fun finds that the ladies like?! Well, they are planning a day of going to all the fun places on this one block. Mission Liquors, Creamology Cereal Bar, (the cereal bar in the Valley), and The Robin Hood Pub.

We'll see you next week! Cough, cough, cough.

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