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MS 12 | I Named Mine Curly Sue (+Exciting Scenes from Ep.13)

We'd rather talk plants than religion...

Happy Garden, Happy Life! With everything going on in this world, the ladies have begun creating their own little havens to occasionally get away from it all. Those monks may have been on to something...

Well, first we'd like to introduce you to Sage's cat, Smitten. This t-shirt sums him up pretty well.

Here he is "hiding" behind some flowers and guarding the house next to the lavender bushes. Mostly just sitting and enjoying the scent of the lavender on the breeze.

By the way...if you ever come across a flat-Earther, just remind them of this: If the earth really was flat, then the cats would have already knocked everything off. Hard to argue with that.

Here's the Wheel of the Year that Christa mentioned. It's a representation of the cycle of festivals (or sabbats) often used -- but not exclusively -- by Pagans and Wiccans. It might help you feel more in tune with Earth and the seasons. You might remember from the August newsletter that we just passed Lughnasadh and are heading towards Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox.

Wanna know some of NASA's recommendations for air-filtering plants? Here you go--and thanks to LoveTheGarden.com for the infographic! (Turns out the Weeping Fig, the little trees that Christa & Sage have, is also on the list. This is the one Sage had inside, but it didn't too so well. Hm...perhaps she should try again? See pics of their Weeping Figs just below the graphic, along with other air-filtering houseplants...with cats.)

And here are Sage & Christa's matching lipstick plants. Funny how they both chose yellow pots to put them in! (Christa's mom made the fun macrame holder.) The middle picture is a bee who started visiting Christa's little garden! (Before she'd found a place for Curly Sue, she'd occasionally bring her outside to sit with her for a bit. ;) ) Also, when's that lifestyle going to be back in stock?! Every time I check, they're out.

And the plant wall Sage mentioned!

But we know what you're all waiting to see. Allll the pictures of our gardens! Welp -- here you go!

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