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Ep. 9 | Lillian Gish: The First Lady of American Cinema

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

The ladies discuss Lillian Gish and her monumental place in the birth of Hollywood, The Birth of a Nation and its unfortunate place in the history of film, and the Feminine Arts: farts.

After all your votes came in, Lillian Gish was the winner for this week's episode! (Remember that? It's been a while, huh?) Thank you to everyone who voted via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and good old-fashioned text. That was fun! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did and perhaps this episode brought up some feelings for some of you. We're always here to chat! Find us on social media at @ahthepodcast and start a conversation; we'd love to hear from you!

“I don’t care about being a beauty. I wanted to be an actress. When I was in the movies, I didn’t care what I looked like, except for that image up there on screen. I wanted to create beauty when it was necessary; that’s an inner thing. But if all you have is a façade, it isn’t interesting.”
~Lillian Gish

Much was made of Lillian's looks--and she was quite the beauty. But there was so much more to her and we hope we did an okay job of showing that during this episode.

Lillian and Dorothy are Sister Goals, amiright? Um, and FASHION goals! Here's an album of the two of them (and a couple featuring their mother, Mary).

First three pics:

  • Mary Pickford, Mildred Harris Chaplin, Mary Gish, Dorothy Gish, and Lillian Gish

  • Mary Robinson McConnell (Mary Gish) carries her daughter Dorothy Gish and holds Lillian Gish by the hand in front of theatrical scenery, c. 1900.

  • Lillian, Mary, and Dorothy

Christa isn't sure about Beetlejuice the Musical, and when Sage watched the trailer on YouTube she couldn't stop laughing. How about you?

Speaking of "doing that voice eight times a week," what did you think of the Harvey Fierstein story Christa told? You can totally hear him saying that, right? What a treasure that man is. (The other Harvey can go BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP and BEEEEEEP my BEEEEEEEP.)

Moving on to less fun, but definitely important, stuff...

Want to read an article about Bowling Green University's decision to take Lillian Gish's name off their theater? You can click HERE and see what you think. And here's the statement signed by more than 50 prominent artists, writers, and film scholars. Where do you come down on this controversy, and why? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

And then go ahead and share your thoughts on what sparked the whole thing: The Birth of a Nation. Have you seen it?

And the worst thing about the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921? Hard to choose just one, but the fact that they're considering building a stadium there might top the list. Here's some more information about that day and the people affected:



NPR: The Last Surviving Witness

3) Black Wall Street: The African American Haven That Burned and Then Rose From the Ashes


It's hard to have a conversation about race, but it's even harder to ignore our history.

Deep breath in...2...3...

...and out...2...3...


Here are selections from some of Lillian's films:

And here are Lillian and Dorothy in the 1912 (!!!) film, An Unseen Enemy. (1912!)

Interested in Lillian's autobiographies? Click on the pictures to get these titles!

But you might want a really JUICY, fun, quick read, in which case...might I suggest this? Fun fact: Ben's mother is a friend of the author/illustrator's and has a copy with a lovely message from him. (Christa highly recommends the book and thinks Ben should adapt it into a screenplay--it certainly reads like one!)

Or do you want to go to Italy?

We can't believe we're giving up this secret spot. Hosteria Giusti in Modena is the BEST meal Sage has ever had. https://www.hosteriagiusti.it/. Travel to Italy JUST for this and see some other things along your way ;)

And if you're going, Christa & Ben cannot recommend this book enough. Eat like a local! Walk like a local! Be a local!

This picture is hanging on Poppy Cedes' grandmother's wall. "My uncle is a local actor and my grandmother loves dogs, so the sign is just a joke." Little does she know that this was a REAL sign posted in many inns -- even in Hollywood!

We'll say goodbye to you this week with a photo of Lillian side by side with one of Sage taken by Adam Emperor Southard of Best LA Headshots, for his "Hero Worship" series.


Christa "Boom-Boom" Cannon & Sage "The Rose" Porter

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