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Ep. 7 | Ghosts: I Want To Believe

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Welcome Expert Guests Luana Kurz and Kevin Wilson! Ghost Hunters extraordinaire! Please note that we had a wee bit of sound trouble with this recording. You can still absolutely listen and enjoy and if you want to read the transcript, Christa painstakingly typed it out for you all to read here. :)

(Well, I had a little help from a program. But if you want to imagine me working on this for 12 days straight, I don't mind. It definitely felt like I did!


The ladies have moved on from Burials and landed on a far away topic of GHOSTS! They have their first expert guests who join and talk about their professional ghost hunts.

We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our chat with Luana and Kevin! You can read all about them here :)

Luana Kurz is the founder of Colorado Shadow Investigations (C.S.I.) and has been a Lead Investigator for 10 years. She grew up in an active house in Littleton, Colorado which left Luana and her family with a lot of questions, as did being able to witness her grandfather crossing over when Luana was 17 years old. Luana captured a ghostly image in one of her photographs while she was vacationing at a known haunted location and it was then that she decided to pursue investigating the paranormal in 2009. A decade later Luana brings her extensive paranormal research to C.S.I.

You can find Luana on Facebook HERE or her website HERE

While growing up in Colorado, Kevin Wilson had a fascination with the paranormal, spending a large portion of his free time watching interviews and reading anything in regards to that subject. That fascination was in junction with a strong passion for film and storytelling which brought him to working on a pilot for a paranormal investigative show as a camera operator and editor. The show didn't quite get off the ground, but it lead to him meeting Luana, who invited him to join her group as the resident "Videographer". He spent the better part of 4-5 years traveling and documenting the team for both internal and public videos, all while getting a chance to expand his interest and knowledge of the paranormal.

You can find Kevin on Instagram- @kevinwilson22

Still not sure where you stand on ghosts? Perhaps a good read would be A Natural History of Ghosts by Roger Clark that Christa was talking about.

(Oh, yeah! I want to read that! But my to-read pile is already out of control... ~Christa)

The ladies were laughing about The X- Files. Christa just loves them and they also want to believe. Well, Mulder does, anyway.

From season five episode “Bad Blood.” Screenshot by Ella Morton

All the talk about posters of course led us to one of the most iconic of them all. The "Hang In There!" cat poster. We had no idea the original was done in 1971 by Victor Baldwin!

The Night Hag and sleep paralysis! SOOOOO scary. But if you know what it is, maybe it'll be less scary? Click the picture to find out more!

(Nope. Still scary. ~Christa)

Hawking was barking at ghosts while we were recording. Or perhaps he just wanted a cookie?

One of the fairy pictures that fooled Arthur Conan Doyle. Wanna read a little post about it? Click HERE

Curbed LA has a great list of some of LA's haunted landmarks, including the Pantages Theater! Check it out HERE and go hunt them down yourself for some fun!

Now, just for fun, try saying Society for Psychical Research 3 times as fast as you can. And if you feel like sending us a recording of it we'll laugh and enjoy it very much :)


Christa & Sage

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