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Ep. 5 | Burials: Part 2 - Seeds, Pods, Suits, and Balls! Oh my!

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Happy Monday!

We just couldn't help ourselves. We couldn't stop talking! But we are sure you wanted to know more about burials just like we did so we didn't stop at one episode. Lucky you! Take a listen to part 2 and you'll be happy we kept on talking ;)

Christa and Sage uncovered many more interesting facts and share many more fun stories!

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Our episode photo was by Alan Cabello from Pexels, super cool!

We're just going to leave this picture here for you. Mostly for Christa, but also for you. You're welcome :)

With those fries,you may want to catch up on the episode of The Office. Specifically Season 3, episode 15, Phyllis' Wedding.

What IS the difference between Buffalo and Bison you ask?

We want to give a shout out to the podcast A Date with Dateline, because it IS ok to tell you that they are awesome!

These coffins are a beautiful tribute to the person inside. Check out the Fantasy Coffins from Ghana:

Sage wants to be a REEF BALL! Plus it's fun to say...

Wanna know if your ancestors were buried at sea? Find out here!

And finally, what is for dinner you ask? We asked Christa's dad for his recipe for "Et Tu, Fay" a.k.a Étouffée and here's what we got:

I mean you're excited for Part 3 right? Right?! We promise we'll move on after the next episode but there's SO MUCH we haven't covered! Come on back to hear Burials, Part 3. You don't want to miss out on The Red Lady of Whales (Or is it Wales?!), do you?


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