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Ep. 4 | Burials - Laundry Ghosts & Post-It Notes

Updated: Sep 27, 2019


Wow, what an episode! Packed with so much we barely made it out to take a breath ;) Take a listen and let us know your thoughts on all things burials!

Christa breaks the rules (again) and Sage wants to donate her body to science. The ladies also discuss a scavenger hunt for Christa's ashes; find all her burial sites and win a sheep!

P.S. RIP Sasha (a funny cat) and Ella (an ornery dog)

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Any guesses on how many things you can do with a Post-it Note?! SO many things! No wonder Christa put hers to good use :)

Here is a photo from Christa's house in Belgium. It looks beautiful and so not scary! Really... Just remember who is in the house at all times.

The hanging coffins of Sagada, Philippines. So amazingly cool!

Sage and Christa go head-to-head and had a major battle to see who could win "Stick Man of the Year!" Please let us know who has the better stick man... Option A or Option B? We're not telling who drew which one ;)

Interested in seeing a Sky Burial? Fly on over to this video and take a look!

Reminder, when hanging out with your friends it's important to watch out for Roman Soldiers!

Still want to know more? Check out some very interesting burial traditions!

And finally, we're posting for a position needed, please let us know if you have any leads!


Laundry Ghost needed

Must love folding AND putting away.

Attention to detail a must.

Prefer friendly ghost. Please send all resumes to AHthepodcast@gmail.com

We truly hope you enjoyed this episode. In fact we hope you enjoyed it enough to be as excited as we are to continue on with part 2 next time! See you then!


Sage & Christa