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EP. 19 | Arcades: Oregon Trailing all the way!

Christa and Sage talk about the timeline of Arcade games, how the industry started, how it developed, and what it’s currently doing now. They also cover the top 10 highest-grossing arcade games of all time and of course so much more! Gamergate? The Oregon Trail? You betcha, we got it covered!

Grab your quarters and head to the arcades with Christa and Sage for the last full episode of the season! Even though Christa would rather spend her time "arcade adjacent," the ladies still manage to give you the answers to hard-hitting questions such as, "Who shares initials with Chuck E. Cheese?" and "Why do I keep dying of snake bites?"


Oh no! Those are the sounds of Christa and Sage getting sucked into an arcade game and they didn't get out in enough time to fully flesh out their blog this week!

But don't worry, if you used to be into arcades back in the day or just simply a game junkie then you’ll surely enjoy listening to this episode! Here are some highlights from this episode:

*A brief timeline of the arcade game industry

*The gaming industry

*Arcade games you definitely played when you were young

*Why too much electronics is not good for kids

*10 Highest-grossing arcade games

And here is some proof of Christa and Sage playing right before getting sucked into the game...

In order to play games at an arcade, one must look good. It's the first rule. Thanks to Christa, Sage made it into the game looking her best!

With Sage sucked into the game, it was Christa's turn. One last play then she waved goodbye! (But not before posting the note she got from Michael Cerveris back in the day, alongside a photo of her meeting him 12ish years later...)

We promise we'll be out and back in time for next week's final episode of 2019!

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