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EP. 18 | King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Keep your magic, keep your sparkle!

This week Christa got all organized (crazy, color-coded organized) and admitted she went over the hour of research again and Sage just got carried away and pretty much only read love letters and diaries. We find out what states Christa and Sage live in and realize that Christa's joke skills are ON POINT! Castles, thirty-three, and football brain, oh my!

This episode has everything: steamy journals, murderous plots, and a Fairytale King. Oh, you need more? How 'bout Wagner operas, Bavarian castles, and bankruptcy? Plus we get to see Sage's patience in action as Christa tries to tell a joke.

Before we officially begin, we know you're DYING to hear the joke Christa was trying to tell. Here's the real thing:

"I wish to remain an eternal enigma to myself and to others" - Ludwig II of Bavaria

We are Hans & Franz and we want to PUMP YOU UP!

Christa got a lot of really cool information and did some reading from this little book!

By Julius Desing (1976)

As we've mentioned before, Cinderella's Castle was modeled after Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Neuschwanstein means "New Swan Castle!" Christa was lucky enough to visit the castle. If YOU want to visit, you can get information below! HOW STUNNING!

The Bayreuth Festival is a music festival held every year in Bayreuth, Germany where Wagner's operas are performed and it looks amazing!

Have a listen to the prelude of Richard Wagner's opera "Tristan und Isolde" that Christa mentioned.

The ladies were confused (shocking ;)) about what a Topping Out Ceremony was. Apparently it is when the the last beam is placed on top of the structure. And side note... Sage wants a Table Button. "... At the time, Ludwig was going through a phase of not wanting to see any of his servants, so the dining table was made so it could be set with food by the servants in the kitchen below and then winched up through the floor into the dining room, where Ludwig, dressed up as the French king Louis XIV, would sit down to eat."

Anyone remember when the telephone was invented? 1849. Or perhaps 1854. Or 1876!

Here is a dashing photo of Pangur Bán Puddifoot Kopit Cannon catching rays of sunshine :)

Sage cannot read her own handwriting. Here is what she was TRYING to read; part of a diary entry of Ludwig's from November 1867.

"Like melting nothingness, these mountains are. They are of the wilderness of tomorrow and of yesterday. The roads we have chosen through the cold whiteness are terribly ill and deformed at some points..."

And you can read more of his diary entry HERE

Sage accidentally almost opened up the box of True Crime again when she mentioned her nephew's name is Leopold. Christa immediately wanted to talk about Leopold and Loeb but Sage put a stop to that ;) If you want to know more, you can read it without Sage ;)

Leopold and Loeb’s Criminal Minds

In defense of murderers Leopold and Loeb, attorney Clarence Darrow thwarted a nation’s call for vengeance

By Simon Baatz AUGUST 2008

Nathan Leopold was in a bad mood. That evening, on November 10, 1923, he had agreed to drive with his friend and lover, Richard Loeb, from Chicago to the University of Michigan—a journey of six hours—to burglarize Loeb's former fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau. But they had managed to steal only $80 in loose change, a few watches, some penknives and a typewriter. It had been a big effort for very little reward and now, on the journey back to Chicago, Leopold was querulous and argumentative. He complained bitterly that their relationship was too one-sided: he always joined Loeb in his escapades, yet Loeb held him at arm's length.

Eventually Loeb managed to quiet Leopold's complaints with reassurances of his affection and loyalty. And as they continued to drive along the country roads in the direction of Chicago, Loeb started to talk about his idea to carry out the perfect crime. They had committed several burglaries together, and they had set fires on a couple of occasions, but none of their misdeeds had been reported in the newspapers. Loeb wanted to commit a crime that would set all of Chicago talking. What could be more sensational than the kidnapping and murder of a child? If they demanded a ransom from the parents, so much the better. It would be a difficult and complex task to obtain the ransom without being caught. To kidnap a child would be an act of daring—and no one, Loeb proclaimed, would ever know who had accomplished it.


Christa and Sage talked about the meaning of their names. Christa means "Anointed One" and Sage means "herb." J/K it means "Wise."

The Anointed One and The Turkey Herb

Here is Ludwig II lying in wake. Note the posy in his right hand that his beloved cousin Elizabeth picked for him.

The ladies started talking about brain trauma after finding out that Ludwig II may have had STPD or Pick's Disease. Boxers and football players have been shown to have CTE . We might touch on this later, so we'll leave it at that for now. ;)

This has been our penultimate blog for our regular episodes this season and we hope you liked it! Really Sage is just trying to find an excuse to say the word penultimate. Penultimate! Penultimate! Penultimate!

Now go start digging in your couch cushions for quarters!

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