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EP. 17 | Disney: "Why? Because we like you!"

Whistle while you work! Or just skip work like Sage and run off to Disneyland. Sage & Christa go way back to find out where Walt Disney began, they talked about the communists, some of Walt's not so great points, and continue to what Disney as a corporation looks like today. Dress up as your favorite Disney character and join the ladies on a magical adventure for their episode on Disney! Spoiler alert, Sage actually remembers something! It's a miracle Christa got a word in cuz Sage keeps interrupting her. New York City! Hollywood!

Be Our Guest, but also Be Prepared for the man, the mouse, the money, the madness, and the hidden Mickeys between us. Just remember: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, we cannot fix your shoe.

Hot dog! We're already singing and we haven't even made it two minutes in. And "hot dogs!" were Mickey Mouse's first spoken words in the 1929 film The Karnival Kid:)

Sage is SUPER excited for Disney Plus that's coming out TOMORROW (November 12th, 2019!) She really wants to see all the things Disney Classic, National Geographic and more. We're not selling or getting anything for this plug, just excited.

Christa has this awesome collection of Disney Shorts called Disney Rarities (you have to listen to Christa singing "Lambert! Lambert!" so go back and listen to the episode if you haven't yet ;) )

Wanna cry? Do ya? Do ya?! If you do, you really should watch this movie. WATCH IT!

Wanna get SUPER FANCY? (and perhaps super broke?!) You can purchase these Disney ears made out with over 150 Swarovski crystals HERE

Disney World was renamed by Roy after Walt's death to Walt Disney World. Walt never got to see the park he designed and imagined in Florida. A wee bit about it can be read HERE.

Sage thought it was the Disney company itself, but it was actually the park. D23.com says: "Originally known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, with Walt Disney and his brother, Roy, as equal partners, the company soon changed its name, at Roy's suggestion, to the Walt Disney Studio." But there may be some controversy about that... Was Walt an ego maniac? Read what this one post has to say about it!

Did you know that Walt Disney has been awarded 32 Academy Awards?! He holds the record for the most ever won :) HERE is a list of ALL of them... it's A LOT!

Did you know that Steamboat Willie wasn't actually Mickey Mouse's first film? But it was his first one on screen (with sound!) It is still shown at Disneyland and is pretty funny, if you're in California and find yourself at Disneyland so see it.

Here are a few pictures of Sage's recent trip to Disneyland, it was a beautiful day! We thought we almost lost her when Chewbacca smothered her and wanted to take her home, but she made it out to enjoy her favorite ride (It's a Small World) and some weird green milk in the Star Wars land!

And here's a picture of Christa's first trip to Disneyland, along with some other...uhh..."visits" to the park.

Wanna know more about new Disney leadership? Sage got super bored reading it because there weren't any sparkles, magic or characters singing to her, but if you want to know more, check it out.

Walt Disney sent the FBI a letter accusing some of his employees of being communist infiltrators after they formed a union. He was called to testify at the HUAC (House of Un-American Activities Committee) and you can watch some of his testimony below.

WOMEN! "Women don't do creative work!" (said Walt...) Walt had rejection letters sent to women who wanted to be animators. Ouch. At least one of them had fancy letterhead ;)

Now to lighten things up a bit, HERE are some fun facts about Disneyland & Disney World. One of the facts is that in all the popcorn carts you can find a character who appears to be popping the corn! Here is one of them, a little clown :)

The Cinderella transformation scene is apparently one of Walt's favorites scenes! This gave Christa chills just thinking about it :)

Sage wants a free trip to Disneyland including lodging because she has a hidden Mickey on her leg. Really she does!! Disney, give her a call and sing to her: Be our guest! Be our Guest!

Also we would like free gummy bears from Haribo because those are the BEST brand. Just sayin'

Sage thought that this was a unique hidden Mickey she found... but Christa saw one too! So we guess the employees have some fun with autumn leaves, and we love it!

Sage's! -->

<-- Christa's!

Take one last look at Cinderella's castle (this is actually the castle that inspired the Cinderella's castle)! Christa took this picture of the Neuschwanstein castle when she was visiting! You may not see it again! Or will you...?

Professor Ludwig von Drake sings us out this week...

Have a magical week!

(Christa's magical parents.)

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