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EP. 16 | Pocahontas: All about Bonbons in the Bath

Both Christa and Sage are LIARS! LIARS! They continue their streak of not being able to pronounce anything and go on a wild adventure of finding out as much as they can about Pocahontas. Sage looks lovingly at Christa waiting for the history and then they begin, but... Knock, knock, knocking on Christa's table. Thanks, Spoiler Alert Sage!

You've heard the story before, but Christa and Sage help you separate fact from fiction. If you learn only one thing, we hope it's this: Pocahontas was a reflection of Powhatan culture, not the exception. Or maybe this: You can own the Earth and still all you'll own is earth until you can paint with all the colours of the wind. (Hey, it's a good song!)

SPARKS! Christa is a Performer (shadow type-Maven.) Sage is also a Performer (shadow type- Nurturer.) Are we shocked?!

What's your SparkeType?! Wanna find out? Take the test HERE

Here's the gist of our Sparketypes:

Sage & Christa's Primary Sparketype = The Performerthe person who enlivens any interaction.

Sage's Shadow Sparketype = The Nurturerthe person who lives to nurture others.

Christa's Shadow Sparketype = The Maventhe person who loves learning for its own sake.

Who's Al? Early Al? Sage seems to forget everything and wonders if she has early onset Alzheimer's (Christa lovingly tried to reassure her it's not Alzheimer's). She has a family history of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lewy Body. If you want to know some signs of early onset Alzheimer's, check them out HERE.

Sage screamed "I AM EVERYONE'S EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL! AND I DON'T HAVE MY OWN!" Here she is being the emotional support for three of her animals ;)

Any moms out there feel the same way? For all you mothers, here is a sweet little article to let you know you're not alone. Thanks, Christa, for finding it. <3

Christa breaks out into song again, this time singing about motherhood ;)

Just stand up and march, march, march!

Some very interesting oral stories are told about Pocahontas. Christa and Sage couldn't find a definite cause of her death. Perhaps she was murdered? According to a site by Edward J. Gallagher:

"Mattaponi sacred oral history suggests that the plots to kidnap and murder Pocahontas were conceived long before the events occurred. One role of quiakros was to act as intelligence agents. They were continually gathering information about what was happening that pertained to the safety of the Powhatan nation. As such, Mattaponi sacred oral history suggests that Pocahontas's death was planned prior to Argall's ship leaving for England. The quiakros had warned Wahunsenaca prior to Pocahontas's departure that she might not return."

Read more HERE.

And what about that famous story of her saving John Smith? Historian Camilla Townsend worked on this documentary, "Why Pocahantas May Not Have Rescued John Smith After All"

We couldn't help ourselves, we landed on Disney for our next topic. We really do enjoy the songs and the magic of Disney. Just not the corporate greed or-- oops! You'll have to wait till Ep. 17 to find out the "or"!

Sing a happy tune and check in next week!

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