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EP. 15 | Tobacco: It's All About Money, Honey

Both Christa and Sage admit they have smoked in the past. They talk about all things tobacco, the Winchester Mystery House (a wee update!), slavery, horrible handwriting and more. And now that Christa is hand writing her notes (instead of copying and pasting from the computer) she's all mixed up. But they got a lot covered!

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two,

Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

They pillaged, enslaved, made a noxious brew;

Big Bad Tobacco....they always knew.

This episode comes out on Indigenous Peoples' Day. Applesauce & Horsefeathers would like to acknowledge and celebrate the histories, cultures, and legacies of the people native to the Americas. In doing so, we've made a donation to First Nations Development Institute to help them revitalize and strengthen Native American communities. (Coincidentally, they're also supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which was talked about in Ep. 14 | Cereal.)

* WARNING- Some graphic content below!*


We understand it's hard to quit, but as Christa says: "If you're a smoker, just quit!" So, let's start off by giving you some links to help you quit smoking if you want. Remember that we're not experts in anything, so always talk to your doctor and use your own common sense.

American Lung Association

American Cancer Society

Mayo Clinic

There has been a LOT in the news lately about vaping and the illnesses and deaths related to vaping. Here's an article by NPR with some info. READ it now!

Time for a quick (smoke?) break. Going back to episode #8 (Winchester Mystery House) an envelope was found in the walls!! Solving a 100-year-old mystery of at least one of the curiosities :)

Ok, back to tobacco ;)

The ladies wonder what is Wacky Tobacky? Looks like it is slang for marijuana.

Christa remembers an old AFN commercial with Queen Elizabeth about quitting smoking but we couldn't find it. Here's another one we found that they made.

Bad Tobacco. We mean BIG Tobacco. Christa found a document with a ton of things the tobacco industry said against itself. It's a fascinating read, if you get a chance:

The Truth About the Tobacco Industry …in its own words

. For further details and hundreds of additional extracts from tobacco industry papers visit ASH at: http://www.ash.org.uk/papers/tobexpld.html

and WHO's comprehensive Tobacco Free Initiative resources at:


More books on Christa's list of books to read. Stamped from the Beginning, by Ibram X. Kendi (and his follow-up, How to be an Anti-Racist). And she also mentioned another book on tobacco and slavery.

Please note, this post may contain afffiliate links. We receive a tiny amount of compensation if you purchase from the links, which we'll probably use for an extra serving of fries.

Slavery and tobacco was talked about a lot in this episode. HERE is a really interesting read on slavery in the Americas and tobacco.

If you need a smoke break, you can no longer take one in Disneyland or Disney World. This year they banned smoking in the parks (as well as a few other things ;)) Now for some people it's another step towards the Happiest Place on Earth (and for some, we're sure it pissed them off!)

Cigarettes aren't only bad for people, they are also bad for the environment.



Here's a video of your lungs on SMOKE vs. your lungs on... not smoking (a.k.a healthy lungs)

That's a real eye opener, huh? Some pretty heavy stuff.

Need a little mood booster? Christa had a great (not) memory of going to Cracker Barrel and they had a divider for the smoking and non-smoking sections in the restaurant. Wanna know what it was made out of? Lattice. Yupp. Lotta good that did. ;) We're sure many, many other restaurants had dividers like that! Remember when you could smoke in airplanes? Or hospitals???

And now Christa is going to start picketing. "STOP STROLLERS NOW! STOP STROLLERS NOW! STOP STROLLERS NOW!" If you want to join her, go grab a sign HERE

Now It's time for you to quit smoking. Take a break and catch up with us next week!

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https://www.who.int/tobacco/en/atlas2.pdf https://cancercontrol.cancer.gov/ https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/index.htm https://tobaccofreeca.com/topics/environment/





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