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Ep. 14 | Cereal: "Gifts abound!"

All that talk about serial killers in our last episode got us hungry. From Serial to Cereal... guess it wasn't too much of a stretch? Speaking of stretch get on your stretchy pants, grab a bowl of cereal and chow down while you listen to this week's episode on cereal! C-E-R-E-A-L for those of you in the back!!

Do you ever dream when you sleep? Can't stay away from sexually aggressive foods? Are you finding yourself constipated more often than not? Fear not! We have the cure for all of life's ills. *MARKED EXPLICIT FOR ADULT THEMES & LANGUAGE. Oh, hey! Today is September 30th, #InternationalPodcastDay. Perfect opportunity to share a great podcast with your friends! (*ahem* Maybe ours?)

MARCH 17TH! NATIONAL CEREAL DAY! Just so you can put it on your calendar now ;)

Sage has been doing intermittent fasting so she's been skipping cereal eating for the most part. There has been some research that intermittent fasting can help with a whole host of issues, including Alzheimer's. She read The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo.

The interview by Maria Shriver with Valter Longo that was talked about can be found HERE


Here's Christa's granola recipe:

And here's Sage's!

We ALL have bad days. Christa had a few of them on a trip they took to a cabin in Big Bear a couple years ago. They also had a great time (right Christa? Right?!) There's proof of a good time, she's SMILING! There were beautiful days, cold nights and Sage & their friend Mark even went for a run along the Pacific Crest Trail! If you know what's good for you, you'll eat all your veggies when in a cabin with Christa or she will hunt you down ;P

Are you enjoying the blog so far!? Oh, good! We're so glad you are :) While you're up refilling your cereal bowl, wanna help us out? EVER BETTER than leaving us a review (but please feel free to ;)), you can sign up for our FREE newsletter (go.ahthepodcast.com/newsletter) and subscribe on your favorite podcast player for FREE. You'll be so glad you did and we will too, we love our growing Applesauce & Horsefeathers family of listeners!

Cracklin' Oat Bran, "a Special Occasion Cereal," am I right Christa?! Perhaps best eaten while wearing your fancy clothing, so maybe it's best to switch those stretchy pants out for some black-tie wear for this one?

Our friend Adrian (HI ADRIAN!) sent along this delicious recipe for a breakfast chia seed pudding. Check it out HERE. It says you can leave it for just a few hours in the fridge, but Sage likes it left overnight to two days because then it gets REALLY thick and delicious, just mix it once or twice after you leave it overnight to get the seeds all mixed in :)

The word cereal came from the Roman goddess of harvest & agriculture- CERES.

You can find out more about Ceres HERE : )

DID YOU KNOW...?! Cereal tastes change as you get older! From pure sugar to...less sugar. That's our unofficial opinion. Christa's college roommate was lucky to get an ENTIRE BAG of marshmallows from Lucky Charms (good for when you're younger ;)) Sage is jealous because while she doesn't usually like sugary cereal, she'd gladly eat an entire bowl of marshmallows :)

The girls of Room 217 failed to get a picture of the epic marshmallow bag, but they did manage to get Professional Roomie Photos for some reason. Haha!

Here are the current marshmallows in the Lucky Charms cereal for those of you who need to know: Pink hearts, purple horseshoe, red balloons, blue/yellow/red rainbow, blue moon, clover hat, yellow hourglass, and the UNICORN! OMG THERE IS A FANDOM PAGE FOR THAT HAHAHAHHAHA

If you're ever in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, Ft. Collins, or Littleton (Colorado) you should visit Lucile's Creole Cafe. Your belly will be happy. They may not have cereal, but they have granola! (And BEIGNETS!!!)

And if you want some cool cereal cafes to visit in the world, you can look HERE and get this book, cuz it looks amazeballs!

From the Cereal Killer Cafe! https://www.cerealkillercafe.co.uk/

Now go enjoy your colored pee! See you next week!

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