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Ep. 10 | Art Deco: "Girl, where you going with those graceful curves?"

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

In one corner: Christa, "art decker," and Cary Grant.

In the other: Sage, art moderne, and Darby O'Gill.

It's The Great Air Rights Debate of 2019! (Featuring 1980s commercial jingles.)

The ladies discuss Art Deco, earthquakes and had their very first fight. Things got heated up in here. Did they work it out? Will there be any more episodes of Applesauce & Horsefeathers? You have to listen to find out!

APPLESAUCE & HORSEFEATHERS IS OLD! 10! Double digits, baby! We're big time. I mean WE think so ;) Now on to Art Deco (and more!)

Art Deco started way back in France in 1925 at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts (or Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes as Christa attempted to pronounce it ;) ). What a time to be alive! What a place to be in. Anyone want to send Christa and Sage to France so they can explore? Just checking. If so, you know where to find us :)

From cover of The Richfield Building 1928-1968 by David Gebhard (1970), published after the building's demolition.

The A&H women went on an Art Deco tour in Los Angeles to check it out up close and personal (PICTURES HERE) and also got sad news that the old Richfield Oil Company Building (Richfield Tower) was demolished in 1969 to make way for a more modern building. WHAT A SHAME! It looked BEAUTIFUL and in full Art Deco style. The black and gold is just stunning and the facade was actually on all four sides of the building (not always the case!) because it was in a visible location in downtown Los Angeles.

And here's what took its place:

This is what's known as Corporate Modern Architecture. (No, really. They couldn't even come up with an interesting name for this corporate sh*t. Oops--did I say that out loud?)

HISTORIC PRESERVATION, PEOPLE! Christa and her mom are card-carrying members of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. And here's the LA Conservancy.

After their tour (since it was International French Fries Day), they just had to get some fries. They sounded JUST like this while eating them:

Sage's Cabana Boy did NOT come from Amazon Prime day, but she does have a cute one :)

Still with the theme of water (cabana boy by the pool?!) here is the steamliner-type building Christa was talking about in the style of Streamline Moderne. It's the LA campus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts! (Christa looked at a lot of pamphlets from the AADA during high school. The NYC campus, naturally.)

Here are some of the articles Christa mentioned in this episode:

Okay, well, the NY Times article wouldn't properly load, so you can visit that HERE.

Recording at Christa's always comes with the addition of planes flying overhead :)

Sage thinks Sean Connery is a sexy fellow (younger and older!) Christa told Sage that he has a past that she didn't know anything about.

Singing is in Christa & Sage's blood but this time (and most times?) they just couldn't remember the lyrics to this song, but they gave it their best. HAHAHAHA

Sooooooooo, things got a little heated when Christa & Sage started talking about the library building and height limits. (Spoiler alert, they were talking about two different things. Good old apples & oranges. Or horsefeathers.) Here's the long and short (long) of it all. Some information about what happened with the rights to the height of the building!

Do you want to actually live in an Art Deco building in LA? Johnny Depp sold his loft(s) at the Eastern Building and boy was it fancy! Take a look, drool, and start saving those dollars.

Well, time to sign off, but don't forget to get a little bit closer with Big Red!

Or was it Arid Extra Dry?

See you next week, and just so you know, we think you're the bee's knees! Love,

Sage & Christa

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