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Ep. 203 | London (Because: AWESOME)

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
~ Samuel Johnson

Christa the Indecisive and Sage, the First of Her Name, finally travel to London, but lots of things happened ALL the time--was it too much for the ladies? Sage takes us through some little known fads, floods, and fires and Christa begrudgingly admits that Oliver Cromwell may have done one good thing. Come for the gin, stay for the beer. And Christa's List.


Can you believe Christa had a hard time with this one? I think we finally broke her. (Didn't stop her from going on about all things London, though, did it? ;) What did you think of her list, Why I Love London?)

London was a village before the Romans arrived, but most of the history we know began as a Roman settlement called Londinium. There are still several ruins of walls and temples found around (and under) the city.

And we have Æthelred the Unready to thank for making London the capital of England. Seems like an absolute delight. How can he be unready? He's got his sword right there, unsheathed and everything!

Moving on...

Christa has a few recommendations on things to watch and read, like this Great Courses series on the Black Death. Professor Dorsey Armstrong is not as dry as she may seem--she even gives you good advice on what to do if you travel back to this time!

Christa also recommends anything by Connie Willis (mentioned in this episode was To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout, and All Clear) and Edward Rutherfurd. And this travel book! (Even if you live there.)

AND here are the global casts of SIX THE MUSICAL performing the opening number during quarantine:

Speaking of quarantine, the ladies mentioned the cover of the New York Times from May 2020. It had everyone who had died of Covid-19 up until that point and a little sentence or two about each person. Behind each name is someone who couldn't be visited by their loved ones, and whose loved ones didn't get a proper chance to say goodbye. At the time of this writing, we're over 205,000 with thousands dying each day. Trump himself and many senators and White House staff have also recently contracted it. Please take care and wear a mask. It's the absolute least you could do.

Interested in seeing a map of everywhere London was bombed during the Blitz? Well, here ya go!

Oh, and hey! What's the best place in the UK? Everyone knows that it's EA! We found the song Christa was trying to sing in this episode. Mornin', alrigh'? Oi oi!

Good luck getting that out of your head.

To help, here are a bunch of pictures of Big Ben and Parliament that Christa has taken over the past 20 years. :)

Honestly, there is so much to share and talk about when it comes to London. We could never fit it all in one episode or one blog. Have you ever been? Do you have a favourite spot?

Tell us about it! Until then...

Cheers, mate!















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