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EP. 202 | Watches: "Olden Days", by Christa Cannon

Watch us try to not make puns! Not going to happen, but we did manage to get in lots of history, talk of Schitt's Creek, glowing women and an exciting heist that ends in Los Angeles. You don't want to miss a minute of this episode, so listen below!

The ladies aren't wasting time with this one. All things watch-related are covered, from the original JCPenney model to the great heist of Marie Antoinette's pocket watch via courting candles, money laundering, Paul Newman, and waterfalls before winding down with the sad tale of the living Ghost Girls. (Oy, mista! Don't miss the choir of angels or Christa's rendition of the EastEnders theme song at the end!)

When we think watches, we think fonio. Actually we don't, but we did eat lunch while recording this one and Christa tried fonio for the first time. What is it exactly? Apparently it's a grain! Who knew?!

At the start of our recording Christa's cats were preoccupied trying to get a look under her door because someone was vacuuming. If they could just get a bigger gap to see...

And Christa started out with a nice glass of rosΓ© while Sage drank water and had a foot warmer to help her out.

Before watches, there used to be a way to keep track of how much time a man would spend courting a lady. The Courting Candle. Christa thought that if parents didn't like the lad they would cut the time short and if they liked him they would add more time to the courting candle! Perhaps this was the start of speed dating?

(Christa took this picture for two of our episodes, completely forgetting that we don't drop them all at the same time. Oops. Don't worry; we'll revisit this photo later in the season and all will be revealed. ;) )

Check this out! Swatch has a way to search for your favorite Swatch watch by year! Coooooooool. The A&H ladies have had many watches throughout the years and Sage still has an old Swiss watch with cows on it. Mooooooooove over pocket watch, it's time for something farmier (is that even a word?)

While looking for some documentaries on watches to keep her entertained, Sage came across one called Mechanical Marvels Clockwork Dreams and found the most amazing clockwork driven Silver Swan made in the 1770s. Swoon! (Or "swaaan"?)

Per Christa: You MUST watch Schitt's Creek (she's right, you must watch). And if you already do, you know Catherine O'Hara has the best accent for her character Moira :')

There are a lot of VERY expensive watches that have sold (the Top 10 most expensive watches are stunners!) but one in particular had such a cool story. A watch that was commissioned for Marie Antoinette (she never got it, it was completed over 30 years after her death) was stolen in 1983 during a jewelry heist from the L.A. Mayer Museum in Jerusalem. It was recovered in 2008 in Tarzana, California and you can learn more by watching this little video. :)

A little break from watches to see some of Christa and Sage's auction items. One a huge success (Big Bertha, the amazing chair!) and one a huge failure (that quilt... I mean ughhhhh)

Ok, back from break to find out about what watch story Christa introduced Sage to. The Radium Girls. OMG what a story! Christa read the book The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women. And it's a stunning tale of watch painting, cover-ups, poisoning and death.

Christa wanted to make a movie about the story (she'd be AMAZING in it!) but unfortunately someone beat her to it. You can check out the trailer below:

Christa, shockingly, mentioned London and somehow we found our topic for next episode...

Is it "time" for a much needed vacation?!

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