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Ep. 201 | Football: Death Harvest

They're baaaaaaaack! After a long hiatus Christa and Sage managed to get back in the recording mode and when they come back, they come back swinging! Wait, wrong sports ball analogy. Gooooooooooooooooal!!! Wrong again (that's more "real football," aka soccer.) Wait, we got it: TOUCHDOWN!

Okay, team! No use delaying the inevitable--go do your Daily Dozen and get those helmets on to listen as Christa & Sage guide you through football history, sports movies, Super Bowl ring thefts, and...art therapy? Get going now--hustle, hustle, hustle!

In case you thought we were joking, here's a video of Christa and Sage doing their Daily Dozen workout. "Any lady who would do this can tame her husband" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ben popped in and told us about a Super Bowl ring theft! Apparently more than 2 dozen rings that were made for the Giants for their victory in the 2008 Super Bowl were stolen by a Patriots fan. Talk about a sore loser! (But he provided perhaps the best courtroom speech ever. Tag, Applesaucer; you're It.)

We got distracted (shocking, I know!) and ended up with a list of approved and recommended movies from Christa. After you're done reading our blog and listening to the episode, go ahead and pop some popcorn and snuggle down for some movies :)

* Swiss Army Man ("It was me. I did it.")

* The Wedding Singer

* Rudy (It IS about sports ball!)

* American Animals (Sage also loved this one)

Image from www.worthpoint.com

I know this may be news to some of you, but football can get violent! Especially back in the days when rules weren't as strict. There were deaths, SO many injuries, and violence. Back in 1894 there was a game now known as The Hampden Park Bloodbath between Harvard and Yale that was so bad it led to competition being suspended for TWO years!

A long overdue name change is finally happening for the Washington Redskins. Here is a timeline of the name change debate.

Christa and Sage talked a lot about head injuries due to playing football and CTE. There is a documentary on Netflix about football player, Aaron Hernandez and what led to his downfall and murderous downward spiral.

Image from AnimalPlanet.com

If the violence of football is too much for you and you don't want to watch the Super Bowl, you can always do what Sage & Christa do and head on over to Animal Planet to watch the Puppy Bowl or go to the Hallmark Channel and watch the Kitten Bowl. Nothing says football like kittens peeing on the field or puppies running around with football toys!

And best of all the animals at the games are up for adoption! It's a win, win :)

A little deflategate action for you to read more about. 544 days of drama.

And finally, more animals to take us out of this episode. Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp!

We did it! We made the sports ball episode! Now watch out for episode two coming your way soon ;)

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