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Bonus Episode 4.5 | Kat Wins a New Car!

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

WHAT? Another episode this week? Lucky! We just had a lovely chat with our first ever give-away winner, Kat Michels. She correctly answered the question " What art form do Christa & Sage attempt in Episode 3?"

We gave her a call and asked her some questions and the result is a BONUS episode :)

We know many of you want to know if we kept our word and gave the winner a NEW CAR. Yes. Yes we did.

We never gave specifics about said car... and she actually liked it so it's a win!

What is Bubba eating while Kat's not paying attention? Nothing! He looks way too innocent to be doing anything he shouldn't be doing :)

Your new word of the day, thanks to Kat: Petrichor

While you all wait for Kat's new book: Go With the Gonzo! you can travel over to her website and check out the ones she already has written and learn more about Kat!

WOW! Our first ever bonus episode, we hope you enjoyed it! Now go study up on all YOUR spelling words, pick a new (to you) word to use today and come back Monday for our next Minisode :)


Christa & Sage